Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ewoldt Qualifies for Clean Election Funding



Dave Croteau, Campaign Chair, (520) 909-5622,
Dave Ewoldt, Candidate, (520) 861-2876,

Dave Ewoldt qualifies for Clean Election Funding

Dave Ewoldt, Independent candidate for Arizona State Senate in LD28, has qualified for Clean Elections financing. This will allow him to campaign effectively against the three other candidates in what was an uncontested LD28 race in the last election.

The political make-up of the district is heavily Democratic (45%), with “Other” (Independents and minor parties—29%) outnumbering Republicans (27%.)

Ewoldt feels that the diversity of candidates in this race will actually work to his advantage: Independents outnumber Republicans, and there is a good chance the Democratic vote will be split.

Ewoldt says, “The current Arizona State Legislature has an abysmal job approval rating, and registered voters are abandoning the major parties in droves—because people at both ends of the political spectrum are sick and tired of party politics that do not support the people of Arizona. Even those who remain faithful to their party are expressing dismay at the lack of substance in party positions and candidate platforms.

“I can win this race. Not only am I as qualified as any of the other candidates, I am the only one who has a vision for our future based on a systemic, practical process that can get us out of our current crises and on a path to the future we want.

“This year’s Arizona primary election demonstrated once again that the dominant parties are advocating more of the same that got us into this mess, or whimpering there's nothing they can do about it, or shifting the blame. This doesn’t inspire voter confidence in their ability to craft the change we so desperately need.

“If the voters are ready for a true positive alternative, I will provide it.”

Dave For Arizona
2602 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85716

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